The Chattanooga Housing Situation

Affordable Housing Report: In the summer of 2012, the Westside Community Association wrote the Affordable Housing Report. The report used Census and American Community Survey data to paint a picture of housing insecurity in Chattanooga's urban core.

  • 1 in 2 households in Chattanooga's urban core live in unaffordable housing and are burdened by housing costs, meaning they are paying at least 30% or more of their take-home pay to the rent or mortgage.
  • More than a quarter of all renters are severely burdened, paying more than 50% of their total income on housing costs.
  • Almost half of all mortgage-holding homeowners living in the urban core - 2,756 households - live in unaffordable housing relatives to their incomes.

What is the Chattanooga Affordable Housing Ordinance?

The Affordable Housing Ordinance (AHO) is an example of affordable housing municipal legislation that uses what's called inclusionary zoning to achieve a higher number of affordable housing units. Here's how it works: If enacted into law, the AHO would increase, maintain, and improve the supply of affordable housing in Chattanooga.

  • Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning: This provision of the AHO would increase the affordable housing supply in Chattanooga by requiring that new residential developments built in our city's urban core lease at least one out of every ten of their units to low or moderate income people. For the newest developments, the required number of affordable units would be up to three out of every ten.
  • 1-for-1 Replacement of Low-Income Housing: This provision of the law would maintain the affordable housing supply and make sure that the loss of many of our affordable homes ceases. It would require that any new residential developments built by making way for the destruction of low-income public housing have just as many affordable units as there were before.
  • Blight-Reduction: This provision of the law would improve the quality of the affordable housing supply and make sure that the newly-created affordable units are built to the highest standards possible.

The Anand Family History of Caring and Housing

The Anand family has decades of history building homes, remodeling and renovating homes, maintaining rental housing, converting hotel properties into long-term housing solutions.

<list of projects>

The Anand family has a deep roots in the “business” of caring for people, especially those in need and those struggling to make ends meet. The family attributes their many efforts to following the Biblical Christian guidelines that they believe have made this country so strong end enduring. Principles of caring, giving, loving, humility, sacrifice, understanding, compassion, as well as smart innovative business sense to come up with housing solutions and revenue earning solutions even in the hardest of economic and political environments.

Formation of the Anand-Martin Foundation to Help Chattanooga

In February of 2015, the Anand family decided to create the Anand-Martin Foundation as a non-profit incorporated organization that could interact with the local, regional, state, and federal programs also tasked with solving the many low-income housing issues. Through the incorporation as a nonprofit organization, the Anand family could participate in many more programs and tap many more resources and funds while partnering with the various local organizations, programs, and businesses to improve Chattanooga housing.



Emergency Housing

  • Emergency Housing is providing a temporary or short-term solution to getting a homeless person or family into a safe shelter when the need arises.  Chattanooga has 

Transitional Housing

Affordable Housing and Rapid Rehousing

  • AMF's portfolio includes 15 affordable rental units in Chattanooga and surrounding areas.
  • AMF has on average supported approximately 8 to 10 homeless veterans per month into emergency and transitional housing.




  • AMF provides supportive services to over XXX very low-income, formerly homeless, and special needs individuals and families in XXX households.
  • AMF provides connectivity to many other local area and regional social services and community service organizations and resources to over XXX very low-income, formerly homeless, and special needs individuals and families in XXX households.
  • AMF provides services to increase the stability and self-sufficiency of their residents, including: case management, resource coordination, information and referral services, crisis intervention, basic needs purchases, independent living skills training, and educational programs.



Services Centers

  • AMF Services Centers are locations that provide connections to local and regional social and 
  • assistance programs through INTERNET access, hot-lines, informational and resource libraries, and other training materials available for temporary checkout. AMF Service Centers provide free WiFi service for connectivity of mobile devices while maintaining security, privacy, and moral filtering of web traffic using these services.
  • AMF Services Centers will provide samples, forms, training materials, and provide free printing to generate job 
    resumes, cover letters, and other employment application documentation.
  • AMF Service Centers will provide resource information, links, connections to most city and regional services, organizations, and assistance programs through internet Need Help websites.
  • AMF Service Centers will provide resource information, links, connections to most city and regional job services and help-wanted programs.
  • AMF Service Centers will provide screening, access, and applications for veterans to gain short-term work at various AMF building and renovation work projects.




  • AMF has a record of successfully fighting for social change and progressive policies to end homelessness, combat poverty, and bring affordable housing solutions to the Chattanooga area. AMF communicates with local, state and national elected officials on the topics relating to affordable housing in the Chattanooga area. AMF gathers data and testimony from people living in poor housing or non-existent housing conditions and situations, providing needed feedback to the local and state housing authorities.
  • AMF publishes and distributes Housing Chattanooga, a newsletter focusing on current policy and activities in affordable housing in the Chattanooga area.



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