Our mission is founded on the tenets of honor, pride, and happiness. 

The Anand-Martin Foundation seeks to open the doors once unavailable to many of Chattanooga’s residents and veterans. With compassion and understanding we seek to serve our neighbors through housing, empowerment, advocacy, and outreach.

Our mission encompasses funding contributions of the City of Chattanooga's Department of Economic and Community Development with respect to Mayor Andy Berke’s vision to address the needs of our homeless veterans.  

The Anand-Martin Foundation looks to foster growth in Chattanooga through training and economic opportunity with our veterans while honoring those who honored our nation through their service.




The foundation purpose was inspired towards accepting community challenges of the nation;'s mayors as proposed by the First Lady Obama, a program in which Chattanooga Mayor Andy Burke was the first to accept.

The Foundations purposes are to:

  • Create,maintain, and manage short-term and long-term housing solutions in partnership with local, regional, and national housing authorities and organizations.
  • Renovate/rehab single family homes, duplexes, complexes, and other housing facilities such as hotels to meet local, state, and housing authority regulations for family housing.
  • Create affiliate relationships with various local, regional, and national social and community services to provide advisory solutions to tenants and the local community.
  • Provide knowledgeable counsel to tenants for the organizations, processes, procedures, and forms needed for attain assistance for various home needs such as food, utilities, transportation, social services, assistance programs, and other social and behavioral organizations and programs.
  • Create, maintain, and manage various revenue sources to achieve the above purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, local and federal grants, fundraiser events, donations, maintaining a discount retail store of general goods, and providing auction events for donated materials and materials made available through various Anand businesses and business relationships.


  • Homes: the foundation purchases or acquires local properties (empty lots, single family homes, multi-unit housing units) in order to rehab the properties, if necessary, to comply with the guideline requirements of government and local housing agencies. The foundation will manage and maintain these homes for the duration required by the various housing authorities under which they were rehabilitated. The foundation will comply with all home and facility inspection requirements for all involved housing, VA, and social services involved in each property. All homes under the Chattanooga housing authority umbrella will comply with handicap access regulations. The foundation is working with the local VA case managers and the Tennessee valley district VA homeless coordinator in providing viable and safe housing solutions for homeless veterans.
  • Tenants: work if federal, state, and local housing agencies to place low-income individuals or families or veterans in-need into safe and affordable housing.
  • Services: the foundation will partner with local and regional social services and other benefit programs to provide education and service availability to all of its tenants and local residents for physical, social, psychological, and spiritual needs.


Housing will be seen as a basic human right that should be available to all, regardless of income, family makeup, physical or mental health issues, or any other defining factors. As a result, all inhabitants of our region will have access to decent, cost-appropriate housing that meets their needs. Communities, including their residents and governing bodies, will value attractive, affordable, and well-designed housing and neighborhoods as essential to everyday life. The Foundation envisions communities where everyone can live independently in affordable, safe and sustainable homes with access to resources and opportunities in their community.



We believe that everyone deserves to live in a safe, affordable, sustainable home.


We believe that by working together, we can help more people.


We believe it’s our responsibility to carefully steward the resources entrusted to us by our funders and partners on behalf of our residents.


We strive to be a leader in the field of affordable housing.


We expect to be held accountable by many people: our residents, Board of Directors, employees, partners, funders and vendors.

Biblical Principles

We believe in practicing Biblical principles in our business. This includes the mandate to care for the poor, the widows, and those in need. This includes loving others as you love yourself. This includes compassion, seeing individuals not for the circumstances they carry or endure but as the individual that God made them and aspires them to be. This includes a work environment that is open and welcoming to all who wish to participate under these guidelines.




Our Sponsors and Partners

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