"The people who influence you are the people who believe in you." Henry Drummond

"A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes."  Mahatma Ghandi

"Accomplishment will prove to be a journey, not a destination."  Dwight D. Eisenhower

Mr. and Mrs. Sushan Anand have dedicated AMF in loving memory of Mrs. Swarn Lata Chopra (mother of Mr. Anand), Mr. and Mrs. D.C. Martin(parents of  Mrs. Anand) Mr. and Mrs. Kahan Chand Chopra (grandparents) and Mrs. Satya and Om Chopra (Mami Jis) for their loving support, encouragement, and unselfish nurturing.

The following picture is of the Anand family two generations back from Susahn Anand, founder of the Anand-Martin Foundation.




Anand-Martin Foundation would like to recognize the following individuals for their contributions toward making a sucessful start of Foundation endeavors. 

 Mayor Andy Berke Mayor of Chattanooga
 Russ Rutledge Cahutta Bank
Martin Berke Berke, Berke, & Berke Attorneys at Law
 Countess Jenkins Project Manager, City of Chattanooga
Charles and Bobbie Adamson, Adamson Developers
Fred L Williams Jr,  CPA
Aluma Window Co Inc  
Glen Thomas  Thomas Refrrigeration & Air Conditinoing
We would like to recognize the Mayor of Chattanooga for providing a clear vision of the City's need for housing solutions and providing the organization and financial revenue avenues towards solving the problems and needs. Further, we would like to recognize the City for its initiatives and fortitude in stepping up efforts to end homelessness in our area, especially for homeless veterans. Mayor Berke represents the interests of all of the City, regional, state, and federal interests well and in a balance way. It is easy to see why we have such a beautiful and exceptional city because of the true caring nature, concerned hearts, and willing hands to bring together the diverse community of organizations, offices, and citizens for a common goal of making this a wonderful place to live and grow.
We would like to thank the management of the Cohutta Banking Company for its backing of the Foundation, especially in attesting to the financial stability and history of the organization during its grant proposal efforts.
We would like to thank the Berke, Berke, and Berke Law office for their services and support in making sure every "i" was dotted and every "t" crossed in the incorporation process of the Anand-Martin Foundation and participating in the process of generating our first City grant for housing renovation.
We would like to recognize Countess and her office for such attention to detail and professionalism in processing the City Housing Grant and helping us through the City's process and procedures. We know there is a lot of patience needed in dealing with new organizations coming into a complex systems of approvals, checks, and balances, as this is part of a federal HUD program to bring housing solutions to our great City of Chattanooga. It is quite evident to us, that this office is a well-oiled machine in dealing with all of the aspects of housing projects. We are happy to have seen and worked with such professionalism and talent in the City offices. 
 We would like to recognize Adamson Developers as the prime contractor in our first grant venture with the City of Chattanooga.  Their long-standing reputation and attention to detail and professionalism has been a big part of the success in getting our first local grant to renovate a home in Chattanooga for the purposes of creating a housing solution for in-need citizens for a period of 15 years.  Adamson Developers holds to a high standard it construction efforts in producing quality and affordable housing in Chattanooga. We would like to thank Bobbie Adamson for his seasoned expertise and wise judgement in directing and enabling the construction efforts in this first City grant project.
We would like to take our hats off to Fred, our CPA, who has spent so much time with us ensuring every dollar has been accounted for and every form is properly filled out.
We would like to share our appreciation for Aluma Windows Co here in Chattanooga. They have been a great source for thermal insulated windows and doors which we have used in many of our renovated properties.  4020 Industry Dr # B, Chattanooga Phone:(423) 894-6951
 We would like to give a big thanks to Glen and his company for their excellent efforts and services in building out our new office space at 6130 Preservation Drive.  We are proud of his work in making our office look great.  We would like to take our hats off to such a talented group of hard working, multi-skilled workers - heating and air conditioning, flooring, carpentry, plumbing, and general know-how in getting things done right the first time. Glenn and his crew work very hard to maintain all of the Anand properties.

Our Sponsors and Partners

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