Here is a little about our Foundation:

Our roots are founded in patriotism and access to the American dream of home ownership. Mrs. Cathy Martin Anand and Sushan K. Anand created the non-profit in 2015 with a vision to  give back to the Chattanooga community by empowering those in need through proper housing, education, assistance, and mentoring.

The Foundation exists to serve homeless and displaced Veterans and low-income residents of Chattanooga. Mrs. Cathy Martin Anand's family has a deep-rooted history in the tapestry of American patriotism. 

Mrs. Anand's father and grandfather were both decorated veterans. Mrs. Anand had ancestors who were veterans on both sides of the Civil War conflict.

Mrs. Anand's grandfather, William T. Martin, was a soldier in the Confederate army; her other grandfather was James Leonard Henson, who served in the Union army.

Mrs. Anand's father, D.C.Martin was a veteran of World War II who served in the 101st Infantry Rainbow division in France and Germany. Officer Martin was also a POW for a year who was liberated when the war ended.

These family events served as a huge inspiration for her desire to be involved in the interest of those needing help and assistance.
In addition to the numerous business accomplishments shared with her husband with Sunbest Management, Mrs. Anand was instrumental in the development of two other previously purchased properties. One hotel, 149-room Ramanda purchased in 1994, in South Point, OH, the other, a 148 room Holiday Inn purchased in 2004,in Paducah, KY, were converted in design to provide housing for transitional/low income individuals.  Both of these properties maintained a near 100% capacity while serving as clean, affordable housing for those in need on non-conventional housing.


Country Hearth Inns and Suites on E 20th street in Chattanooga was purchased and converted to short-term and long term-housing in 1986. Some tenants have been there for 10 years.

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