The Anand-Martin Foundation is a non-profit organization. Funding the Foundation is a process of imagination, skill, and creativity. The Foundation strives to be unique in its management, as it intends to fund its projects and programs through multiple revenue sources. Unlike many non-profit organization, the Foundation would prefer that it fund all of its programs through independent financial sources other than grants. There are more than enough programs in this region needing funding, so the less the Foundation pulls from grants, the more that these other programs tap the limited grant resources to expanding their efforts. It is a win-win for all in the community as well as being a cost-effective corporate strategy.

The Foundation will employ multiple revenue-making efforts. The Anand family has some warehouses that contain materials being sold for its various businesses. The Anand family 

has agree to allow the Foundation access to these materials in order to sell products at it storefront at 6130 Preservation Drive in Chattanooga. The store will sell the products and 15% of the proceeds will be donated to the Foundation. In addition to the storefront, the Foundation will create several eCommerce websites and retail mechanisms such as Craigslist, eBay, and Amazon to sell products under the same 15% commission agreement. The Foundation will hold auctions on a regular basis at the storefront as additional fundraiser methods.

The Foundation will continue to grow its revenue-growing efforts through coroporate sponsorships and partnerships. Fundraising events will be planned and executed to build community confidence and exposure to the Foundation programs. 


Our Sponsors and Partners

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